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Fathers United

Against Addiction & Suicide

Addressing the

Brain Health Crisis

Two Powerful Speakers

We inspire brain health....

Join us in 2017 for an very important publicTALK regarding the Manitoba brain-health crisis....

Our province is experiencing a brain-health crisis! We want to shine a light on the problems Manitobans are facing.

We believe in equipping people with the knowledge to protect and support those at risk for brain health challenges which can result in addiction and/or suicide. A village approach is needed for prevention and to save lives.

Such problems in our society are signs of an over-tasked and under-resourced health systems. It is our social responsibility to deal with these issues directly -- to provide tools that work at street level.

It's time to TALK openly and to learn how all of us can TAKE ACTION. Two powerful speakers will provide vital information in the new year.

Real, Raw & Respectful.

(Check back on this page in the future for further details)